If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman's If I Stay (2009) sat patiently waiting in my Kindle for my attention a bit longer than I want to admit. I'm so glad I finally read this unique gem of a YA novel.

Left in a coma early in the novel, following a car accident that kills the rest of her immediate family, Mia exists in spirit form outside of her body, watching herself and those around her as she decides whether to move on to the next phase of existence (die) or return to the living and a likely painful recovery from her injuries. And I'm still not entirely certain which choice I'd make in the same situation, based on the same life experiences at Mia's age of seventeen.

The story alternates successfully between Mia's thoughts and memories about her life and the current reality. Supporting characters, including her grandparents, best friend Kim, and boyfriend Adam, come into their own in delightful ways under Forman's hand.

If I Stay provides a quick, emotional read.

You can learn more at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of If I Stay is a B.


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