Heat of Passion by Elle Kennedy

If you're looking for a quick, erotic romance read, Heat of Passion (2009), the latest from Elle Kennedy's Out of Uniform series, is worth a look. As always, Samhain Publishing comes through in the erotic romance department.

Navy SEAL Carson, twenty-nine and quite the ladies' man, meets a beautiful woman at his best friend's bachelor/bachelorette party. The problem? He's just realizing that he's ready for a serious relationship, and the beautiful woman, age twenty-four, has her first one-night stand with Carson.

I like the fact that both characters are at a crossroads in their lives. They intersect at a time when they're making decisions to guide the rest of their lives. They have fantastic chemistry together, but can that lead to something more? And does the heroine even want anything other than a fling with Carson?

You can learn more at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of Heat of Passion is a B.


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