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Two Books by Lisa Hendrix

Lisa Hendrix provides a nice addition to the historical paranormal romance with her Immortal Brotherhood series.

Cursed by the sorceress Cwen after killing her son, the knights must live for the rest of eternity, spending half of their time as beasts, half as men. Some of the men are beasts during the day, some during the night.

In Immortal Warrior (2008), Ivo (an eagle by day) receives land, title, and a bride as a reward for services to the English king in 1095. He seeks the assistance of Brand (a bear by day and the leader of the knights) and Ari (a raven by night) as he claims his reward.

Alaida of Alnwick is a strong, interesting woman who weds Ivo in an attempt to do the best for her people--and because the decree of her king leaves no other choice.

I'll admit the story dragged a bit as I waited for Alaida to learn the truth about Ivo. I think a tightening of that large middle section would enhance the story, even if leading to a shorter book.

By the end of this first story in the series, the way in which each knight can break his curse, live a normal life, and actually die is revealed. Presumably, each book in the series will feature another knight's struggle to overcome the curse.

In Immortal Warrior (2009), Steinarr (a lion by night) travels with Torvald (a stallion by day) in the forests of 1290 Nottinghamshire.

Steinarr's fate comes to him in the form of Matilda, aka Maid Marian, in this twist on the Robin Hood story. Matilda is able to sense the thoughts and feelings of the animals around her, and, for the first time, the man Steinarr. The reader, of course, knows that's because of his animal part.

From Kindle section 460-464:

The Devil take the man. Even now, she could feel him--not just his body, but him.

It had begun this morning, in that moment when she'd been about to mount. Their eyes had met and his need had poured into her like water, swamping her, stirring her own desires. It still ached, deep within her. She'd been trying to get rid of him all day.

She could hardly blame him for it, though, when she'd done it, when she was the one with the gift.

I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

My overall personal rating of both books is a solid B.


StephanieD said…
For some reason, your synopsis reminded me of the movie, I think it was called LadyHawk starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer. Michelle plays a lady who turns into a hawk and Rutger a knight who turns into another animal, I forget what. However, they each turn into their animals at different times so they are never together as humans except for one second at dawn. And Matthew Broderick in strange casting is the page to the knight, the only witness to this doomed love.
Funny you should say that because I thought of the same movie while reading the books. I haven't seen the movie in so long, though, that I can't really comment on how alike they happen to be.

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