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Here's a photo of my niece, Amanda, new high school graduate, and my daughter, Maya, right after the graduation ceremony. A graduation ceremony with 754 students takes a little time to get through, and Maya did fantastic.

Our trip to New Mexico already seems like a long time ago! Guess I'm ready for another vacation.

Instead, we're getting ready to host my sister-in-law from Philadelphia and brother-in-law from Missouri next week. Fun, fun! I *hate* housework.

Did you see the news about George Washington's overdue book? Mount Vernon Presents George Washington's Overdue Book to the New York Society Library 221 Years Later has the full scoop. I read elsewhere the fine would have topped $300,000, but the NYSL accepted another book as a donation in place of requesting money from the estate.

Any "Losties" out there? I'm not a fan of the t.v. series, but my husband is. He was really, really disappointed in the touchy-feely series finale. I still think the writers/creative forces really don't have the answers to some of the island's mysteries, so I wasn't too surprised they left viewers without resolution on some issues.

If you're a Lost fan, what did you think of the series ending? And what's your theory about what actually happened?

I was so disappointed with the series ending for The Sopranos initially. Shocked and frustrated. Then, after thinking about the ending for a few days, I realized how perfect it actually was for the series to end that way. We dropped into Tony's life, and we dropped back out. Maybe he died in that diner; maybe he didn't. That doesn't even really matter.

Anyway, hope you can feel the same way about the Lost ending soon if you're one of the disappointed fans.

Anyone reading any interesting books or taking a fun trip this summer?


sapphireblue said…
I don't watch Lost, but hubby does. I think he said he was disappointed in the ending.

The Sopranos finale really irked me, but like you, I thought about it, and I was fine.
Lisa and Laura said…
I LOVED the ending of Lost. Have you seen this recap? I think it sums everything up quite nicely.
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness I never got into Lost or I'd probably be one of those confused and hostile viewers.

Congratulations to your niece!

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