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Nancy Drew turns 80 this week. Big confession? I've never read a Nancy Drew book. Am I the only woman out there who didn't grow up addicted to the series??

I did watch The Hardy Boys on t.v., but that had way more to do with Shawn Cassidy than the mysteries being solved.

Check out one of my favorite blogs (and not just because her dog Jack sounds so much like my dog Rufus), Kwana Writes, for a summary of a talk given by Suzanne Brockman on Saturday at an RWA chapter meeting. Best tip? Respect yourself as a writer whether you're published or not.

Then another one of my very favorite blogs (and not just because I helped lure her into the world of reading romance novels), Misfit Salon, has this great interview with Laura Lee Guhrke.

And here's a great post from Query Tracker called Handling Critiques Without Getting Defensive. My personal favorite? Remember that a critique of your work is not a critique of you. That can be really difficult to remember, at least for me, when a written creation feels almost like a baby.

And you may have noticed the new button on my blog. Yep, I live for/love to read your comments. Hint-hint-hint--in a not-so-subtle way.


Anonymous said…
Yay, I'm one of your "very favorite blogs!!!"

Seriously, you are so responsible for corrupting me - I hope you feel some remorse.

And although I have read Nancy Drew - no, I was never addicted to the series either.
holdenj said…
I always loved Nancy Drew. If you ever get the chance to read "Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the women who created her" about the Stratemeyer book syndicate, you may be compelled to pick one up. It was very interesting.
Violet said…
Ah...Nancy Drew, how much did I love her, I can still read one occasionally. Watch the movie though, it's not bad.

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