How to Tame Your Dragon

Maya, my five-year-old daughter, and I went to see How to Tame Your Dragon while we had the day off yesterday. Since Arbor Day is from Nebraska, state employees and Lincoln kids in K through fifth grades had a holiday, and I just used PTO to have the day with Maya.

I can't suggest you see How to Tame Your Dragon strongly enough, especially if you have any young children in your life to take with you.

Nothing terribly surprising here--just a lovely story about a boy who doesn't fit in with any of the other people in his village (a scrawny kid in a village of Vikings) and how he forms a bond with a dragon. And how that relationship between the boy and the dragon leads to a much better future for everyone in the village, all of the dragons, and, especially, the boy.

Sweet, fun, family entertainment, combined with a reminder that being different is sometimes the best gift of all.


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