What to Do When Someone Dies by Nicci French

What to Do When Someone Dies by Nicci French (2009) wasn't quite the usual set of twists and turns and confusions I expected to experience when reading a novel by the wife-and-husband duo, Nicci Gerard and Sean French. Instead, I assumed the most important "mystery" conclusions very early in the book, and I enjoyed reading this one primarily due to the changes in Ellie Falkner and the very adept descriptions of unexpected grief.

Basic premise: Ellie Falkner learns at the start of the story that her thirty-eight-year-old husband, Greg, has died in a fiery car crash. And he's accompanied by a woman, also dead--someone Ellie doesn't know, and no one involved in Greg's life admits to knowing the woman, either.

Who is the mystery woman? Was Greg having an affair? Was this really just a simple car crash? (A definite "no" on the simple car crash if you've read any of French's other books. Nothing is ever simple and straightforward in the worlds created by French.)

How far will Ellie go to learn the truth about her husband's death and their marriage? Who else will suffer as she begins on her detective-like journey? Who will she become as a result, and what will the truth bring to her?

Learn more at the author site here, including access to a sample chapter from this book.

My overall personal rating of What to Do When Someone Dies is a B+.


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