Two Books by Sarah McCarty

Continuing on my Sarah McCarty kick. It's always a nice surprise when you find a "new-to-me" author you enjoy with a significant body of books already in print.

Both of these entries are McCarty's historical romances, the second and third books from the Promises series. Wyoming Terrority late 1860s and early 1870s. Plenty of erotic sex; what I've seen listed as "vanilla sex" by other bloggers because, while explicit, the sex involves one man and one woman.

Both books touch on race relations and the movement for women's rights.

In Promises Keep (2005), Cougar McKinnely, ex-Marshal, half-Native American/half-white, finds Mara Kincaid in Pleasure Emporium. Unknown to him, she's drugged and there against her will.

Trying to build a life for herself in Cheyenne, despite rumors of being found in a whorehouse, Mara eventually turns to Cougar when she needs to find a husband.

In Promises Prevail (2005), Clint McKinnely, Cougar's cousin, is seeking a wife and holding himself away from Jenna Hennessy, a widow he can't be honest with about his past. Jenna isn't looking for another husband because of the horrible abuse she suffered during her first marriage.

When a half-Native American, half-white baby gets left on Jenna's bakery's doorstep, she has to find a husband in order to keep the baby. Clint sees his chance.

Can their marriage thrive despite Jenna's trust issues and the fact that Clint has a secret that will eventually be revealed to Jenna? (The secret is pretty obvious early in the book.)

You can learn more at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of both books is a solid B.


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