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Did anyone buy the new iPad? If so, what do you think after a few days of using it?

The New York Times ran an opinion piece, How Green is My iPad?, that might be of interest to anyone using an e-reader. The conclusion:

With respect to fossil fuels, water use and mineral consumption, the impact of one e-reader payback equals roughly 40 to 50 books. When it comes to global warming, though, it’s 100 books; with human health consequences, it’s somewhere in between.

All in all, the most ecologically virtuous way to read a book starts by walking to your local library.

Yup, I love the last line!

I had the chance to catch a couple of movies through Redbox on Monday night.

I didn't even make it through Love Happens; just couldn't stomach that one. Anyone else see the movie and actually like it?

I enjoyed Julie & Julia, despite Meryl Streep's imitation of Julia Child's accent. Then I made the mistake of looking a little more into Julie Powell, her blog, etc. Don't do that if you see and enjoy the movie!! Fictionalized reality can be so much kinder than real life.

Anybody read or watched anything lately they would recommend?


Anonymous said…
I held the iPad. I covet it. But if I ever buy one, I'll wait until the 2nd generation. But it's sooooo pretty.

I liked Julie and Julia despite Julie Powell - if movies are kinder than real life then I'm afraid to find out just how whiny she really is because she was way too whiny in the movie.

Saw Clash of the Titans. Yes, it's cheesy and not at all meaningful, but it's fastpaced, fun, and best of all the mechanical owl made an appearance!
holdenj said…
I don't know about the whole Ipad thing yet! Guess we'll see.

I read J & J, still have not seen the movie!

I did just read the second Flavia de Luce tale, The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag and it was very good!
There's apparently an entire affair with "an old friend" during the course of Julie's year of making recipes that Nora Ephron didn't bother to put into the movie.

And her actual blog, now defunct, really isn't that grand. I think "whiny" is a good word!

Off to look into The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag; thanks for the tip.
Kwana said…
Thanks for your comment today. I agree on the housewives. I don't have an I pad but do have a Sony reader and like it. Although I'm still a huge library girl as are my kids.

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