Swoon by Nina Malkin

Love at first sight must be glorious. I wouldn’t know, since at first there was no sight. Smell, yeah—the tangy, salty scent of horses. Plenty of other sensations too. But I’ll get to that. The point I want to make up front is that by the time I laid eyes on Sinclair Youngblood Powers—in the flesh, that is—I was already in love with him. Nothing could change that. Not even the fact that he was dead.

So begins Nina Malkin's Swoon (2009). A wonderful beginning to a book with a sarcastic, intelligent heroine, a hero with issues, and a plot that doesn't quite live up to the beginning and equally fantastic ending, which I obviously can't share here.

Basic plot: Sin, last alive in the late 1700s, inhabits the body of Pen, cousin to our psychic heroine, Dice, and begins causing all kinds of problems in small town Swoon, Connecticut. At a certain point, Sin actually gets his own body (think Golem), leading to all kinds of problems for Dice and Pen, who both love him. And Sin is there for vengeance, to punish those descended from the wrongdoers of his original life.

What I like: Dice has a fun, very sarcastic view of the world that she shares freely. Her life isn't easy, but she works to cope with what she has.

What I didn't like: Sin is horrible--in both life incarnations. Some of the havoc he causes is beyond horrific, and Dice still loves him?? The changes to Pen alone are enough to cut Sin loose. Way too long at 420 pages.

Learn more at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of Swoon is a C+.


StephanieD said…
I love that first paragraph; hooked me right away. But the names - Sin, Dice, Swoon?
The first paragraph is great, and there are gems throughout the book. Plus, I really do like the ending.

Otherwise, though, not so much on the story.

All the characters have nicknames that seem to fit their personalities--Dice, Sin, Pen, Marsh.

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