Miss Snark's First Victim

If you're a writer hoping to be published and haven't discovered Miss Snark's First Victim blog yet, give the site a look.

I'm one of the lucky first fifty submissions for the current event hosted at the site, so I'll have the first fifty words of Claimed posted tomorrow morning for helpful commentary from site readers.

Um, yeah; I'm already working on my courage about facing the negative comments. The rules say to be kind and truthful when critiquing others' work, though, so I'm hoping no one's cruel with their comments. And I'll get to post my own, hopefully useful--and definitely not cruel, thoughts on others' entries.

Anyway, worth looking at the site and potentially participating in future submission events if you're hoping to get published one day. The chance from an upcoming submission event to have a Secret Agent look at your work--truly cool.


Anonymous said…
How brave to enter! I've visited many a time to read the entries and comments. Good for you. I'll have to check out Claimed.
Silly, maybe, but it does feel like an act of courage. :)

I'm number 37 on the list, and the entries 26-50 get posted at Noon EST today (Thursday).
holdenj said…
Oh my gosh, how exciting. Hope it goes ok.
I think it did go okay. I was a little sensitive about one of the comments I received, but learning to listen to constructive criticism without feeling hurt is a goal of mine!!

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