Shutter Island

I made it to see Shutter Island by myself yesterday.

I so-o-o-o wouldn't have gone to the movie if I had understood what it was really all about. I don't want to give any spoilers, so I won't say anything else specific.

I'll note that the acting was great, but the suspense I expected wasn't there at all. I couldn't get my husband or my best friend to go to the movie because they thought it looked terrifying. Herb even expected me to come home and sleep on the couch. I wouldn't say the movie was even frightening, though, not in the scary movie sense. More upsetting than anything else, and I agree the previews made the movie look scary-movie frightening.

Disturbing, yes, and definitely a movie that I'm still thinking about today.

Has anyone else seen Shutter Island? What did you think?


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