London Wishes

I started writing another book last week. This is another YA novel, with the working title of London Wishes, based on a dream this time.

The heroine is on a one-week trip to London with four of her classmates, all of them just having graduated from high school. The hero is an older Italian guy who happens to meet them during their very first day in London.

I'm right at 13,500 words after about a week of writing. Pretty fast, compared to my usual writing standards. (Hey, Real Life, as in The Family and the Paying Job, come first, right?) Cutting into my reading time, though, of course!

I have no idea why London entered my dream. Nothing against England, but it's never been on my list of places I'm burning to go. Of course, now that I've been doing some research into what to include in the book, I'm ready to see the Crown Jewels, take a Jack the Ripper walking tour, see Jane Austen's Bath, visit a flower market. . . .

Yeah, I could book a trip to England for tomorrow perfectly happily. Why does (lack of) money always get in the way???


Anonymous said…
"13,500 words after about a week of writing"(!) I am impressed! I hope you keep it up :)
holdenj said…
Oh my gosh, good for you! Love your comments about Real Life though, that's the truth!
Thanks for the well wishes. Who knows; maybe I'll actually get something published one day?

Now, if he could just get me to include housework as a priority in the Real Life, my husband would be happy!
Violet said…
I like the title and the premise.

All the best :)

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