London Wishes--My Book

Still plugging away on my YA novel, London Wishes. I'm now just over 23,000 words, with a goal of at least 40,000 words, so far on the first draft.

I thought I'd share the beginning of the book, which is broken into eight days instead of chapters.

Comments? Thoughts?

London, Day 1--Arrival

Only seven or eight hours in the air, no pilot error, no mechanical problems, no wild birds on the loose and looking for an engine to sabotage, only seven or eight hours in the air, no freak storms, no midair collisions with another plane. . . .

Maya kept repeating the same litany over and over to herself to help with her fear of flying as she sat on the plane heading from Minneapolis to London for her adventure of a lifetime. Or so her school counselor kept calling the time in London in the weeks leading up to graduation and the trip.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of an anonymous alum of her high school, five seniors selected for their excellent grades, athletic/musical/artistic talents, and contributions to their school and overall community received an all-expenses-paid, one-week trip to the European city of their group choice as their unexpected reward.

Depending on how this inaugural trip went, the donation might become a regular highlight for future graduating classes. Not that anyone other than Maya likely felt any pressure at the idea of others' chances at taking dream trips resting with them.

Glancing from her position on the aisle down the middle, six-seat row of the DC-10 at her four classmates, Maya could only wonder how she found herself in this particular group.


holdenj said…
I like the set-up. And the obvious possible conflict/friendships that will probably arise from this group of kids that doesn't necessarily know each other very well. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
So right away we know that Maya's anxious and that she's probably never been of the country before. Of course something in this trip goes awry, right?

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