Hot Tub Time Machine

Starting your week off right with another piece of eye candy, this time in the form of always witty, intelligent, fun-to-watch John Cusack, because I went to his (one of the actors and executive producers) Hot Tub Time Machine yesterday.

Three friends and the nephew of one of the friends find themselves transported from 2010 back to a particular weekend in 1986 by the hot tub at a ski resort. Not too surprisingly, the three friends aren't exactly where they want to be in their current lives, and the nephew isn't doing much with his young life.

Is the trip back in time a chance to get everything right, or a reminder of what life was really like back in the "good old days" of their youth?

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Good casting, fun in a campy sort of way, with just the right touch of nostalgia, and the music selections are perfect.

I'm a little sad that the 1980s is reduced to being called the decade of Reagan and AIDS. Depressing thought!!!!!


StephanieD said…
The 80s is the one place I really don't want to travel back in time to. I was a most terrible mess back then - uggh!
Without giving away too many details about the movie, the weekend they went back to was a pretty messy point in their lives, too. :)

I have to admit that I don't have any big desire to really return to the '80s, either. I think of 1993 as my personal "best of times, worst of times" year so far.
holdenj said…
When I first saw an ad for this movie, I thought it was some kind of joke! And sadly, there's plenty to make fun of in the 80's, especially fashion!

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