Happy National Read Across America Day!

To everyone in the United States: Happy National Read Across America Day today! To everyone not in the United States--any excuse to read, right? And now you can add a little multiculturalism to your day, too.

Held annually on March 2, chosen because this is Dr. Seuss' birthday, various schools and libraries across the United States hold special celebrations.

My daughter's school, for pre-school through Grade 5 or ages three to eleven, held a special book parade today. Parents, grandparents, younger siblings, and so on were invited to line the halls while the kids paraded through the school dressed as various book characters. Then guests were invited to join students in their classrooms for a special "Stop, Drop, and Read" reading time.

*****If anyone wants a Dr. Seuss bookmark, leave me a comment with your e-mail address, or send me a message at Choco223@aol.com.*****


Keli said…
Me, Me, ME please!
Hi I Liked yr blog - right up my street. Yes, I am also a non-medical librarian and a book buff and a movie freak... pls visit my blog -

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