Posting Negative Blog Reviews

I read a posting on one of my librarian discussion lists a few months ago that stayed with me, though I can't remember the identity or location of the poster. I know she was a female librarian living somewhere in the United States.

She mentioned having a personal book blog, and she said that she never posts negative reviews. If she doesn't like a book, she just doesn't write a blog posting on that one. Paraphrasing her, she said there are enough good books out there that she doesn't need to waste her time blogging about ones she doesn't like.

Obviously, I'm perfectly willing to blog about all of the books I read, whether I like them or not. I give a lot of books a personal rating in the B category, but I definitely have C and D rankings for some of the books I've read.

Aside from what I personally do, my instant reaction to her message was that I wouldn't know to trust her views if I stumbled across her blog. If she only blogs about what she enjoyed reading, how do I know she ever runs across books she doesn't like? Is she someone who just likes every book? (Are there any readers like that??)

Is that fair on my part, though? I read plenty of blogs where they post more of a summary of the book, sometimes with a personal comment or two, and then don't provide a rating of any sort for anything they've read. For some reason, that doesn't bother me.

I turn to you, fellow blog readers and, in some cases, book bloggers, for your opinion. What would you think about a book blog that only includes positive reviews? Would that bother you or not bother you at all?

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Hagelrat said…
I don't post a rating and most of my reviews are varying degrees of positive. That's because I am looking ot read books I will enjoy. I do try to be honest though an dif I do read a book I dislike, or fail to finish I will say so.
sharazad said…
I do read a lot of blog reviews- they often help me find out what to read next. I tend to pay more attention to reviews that mix pros and cons.

I feel like the reviews are more honest.
StephanieD said…
I was just writing a post about this same thing. It depends on the quality of the reviews overall. As long as they are thoughtful, well-written, and detailed, then I will trust the reviewer.
Mystica said…
I dont post a rating myself but if I find a book slow or not up my street I certainly would say so but it does not cast any aspersions on the author. Its just a personal opinion of a blogger and shouldnt it be like this?

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