Please Vote in My Poll

Running a poll about who you think is more likely to cheat in a marriage--wives, husbands, or both equally.

If you vote in the poll and then leave a comment to this posting saying that you voted, that will give you an entry in the $40 bookstore gift certificate giveaway.


Caitie F said…
I voted! It will be interesting to see the results.
Keli said…
so never mind the comment on the other blog...FOUND IT!! :P
StephanieD said…
I really have no scientific basis for voting that husbands are more likely to cheat than wives - except perhaps the biological, evolutionary need to spread one's seed as widely as possible.
Hagelrat said…
the biological imperative to have children by different partners applies equally to both sexes in an evolutionary sense. It ensured that the whole tribe would be committed to raising every child and I don't really think provides much of an excuse these days.
I think that either party is vulnerable to feeling disconnected from a relationship and looking for that connection elsewhere so voted both.
Mystica said…
The voting section is not opening up to vote. I will come back later to try again.
I like the disconnected from the relationship comment, Hagelrat.

This is an interest of mine due to my family history. I suppose there are almost as many reasons for cheating as there are people who cheat.

I think cheating often occurs due to a lack in self, and the person is looking outside for something to fill the hole inside. Maybe that can't find that something from the significant other, or maybe they need more than one person interested in them at a time to try to fill the hole.

Hope you were able to get in to vote, Mystica. Either way, your comment here counts as a contest entry. :)

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