Love Actually Movie

My take on Love Actually.

Favorite Couple: Colin Firth and Lucia Muniz (Jamie Bennett and Aurelia)

Favorite Relationship: Liam Neeson and Thomas Sangster (Stepfather and Stepson)

Favorite Character: Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister

Most Fun Characters (tie): Bill Nighy as aging rock star Billy Mack and Kris Marshall as "sex god" Colin

Most Depressingly Realistic Story: Emma Thompson as Karen

Some of my favorite exchanges/one-liners:

Natalie: He [her ex-boyfriend] says no one's gonna fancy a girl with thighs the size of big tree trunks. Not a nice guy, actually, in the end.
Prime Minister: Ah! You know, um, being Prime Minister, I could just have him murdered.
Natalie: Thank you, sir. I'll think about it.
Prime Minister: Do. The SAS are absolutely charming. Ruthless trained killers are just a phone call away.

Colin: I am Colin. God of Sex. I'm just on the wrong continent, that's all.

Karen: So what's this big news, then?
Daisy: [excited] We've been given our parts in the nativity play. And I'm the lobster.
Karen: The lobster?
Daisy: Yeah!
Karen: In the nativity play?
Daisy: [beaming] Yeah, *first* lobster.
Karen: There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?
Daisy: Duh.

[At the church, just before Peter and Juliet's wedding ceremony begins.]
Peter: No surprises?
Mark: No surprises.
Peter: Not like the stag night?
Mark: Unlike the stag night.
Peter: Do you admit the Brazilian prostitutes were a mistake?
Mark: I do.
Peter: And it would have been much better if they'd not turned out to be men?
Mark: That is true.

[Unable to understand each other.]
Jamie: [in English] It's my favorite time of day, driving you.
Aurelia: [in Portuguese] It's the saddest part of my day, leaving you.

Karen: The trouble with being the Prime Minister's sister is, it does put your life into rather harsh perspective. What did my brother do today? He stood up and fought for his country. And what did I do? I made a papier maché lobster head.

Karl: Life is full of interruptions and complications.

Sam: But you know, the thing about romance is... people only get together right at the very end.


Keli said…
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! You pick great quotes! Makes me want to watch it again this weekend
Anonymous said…
I love that scene when Colin proposes - funny but oh so romantic. True love is willing to make a fool of yourself in another language.

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