Stealing Midnight by Tracy MacNish

Wales. 1806. Another stolen corpse has been brought to Olwyn Gawain's father for his experiments. Only this one is a young, handsome man--who isn't really dead.

So begins Stealing Midnight by Tracy MacNish (2009), easily and immediately one of my all-time favorite romance novels.

Olwyn is wonderful--intelligent, unique, and honest to a fault. And she risks everything to save the man from her father.

Although I wasn't quite as crazy about Aiden Mullin, who hides his true identity from Olwyn during the days of his recovery, I can see why Olwyn would be. And he does have a nice streak of honor, despite his lack of honesty with her, and he appreciates Olwyn's originality.

They make a good couple, and they have some obstacles to overcome to be together--their very different status in life, Olwyn's insane father, and Aiden's wicked fiancee, and some attempted blackmail.

Readers who are tired of the little woman waiting around to be saved by the big, strong man will appreciate this story. There's also a nice dynamic of family relationships involving Aidan's twin brother, parents, and grandparents.

MacNish's writing is interesting and well-done, so I'm expecting big things from her as her career progresses.

My overall personal rating of Stealing Midnight is an A-.


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