Seize the Night by Susan Squires

[Okay, I'm cheating a little here, but, this past Saturday being an exception, I generally don't post to my blogs on the weekend. Expect my Short Story Saturday postings during the week. Once a rebel, always a rebel.]

Seize the Night by Susan Squires comes from the Dead After Dark collection (2008).

After spending years building his fortune through pirating, Drew Carlowe returns to where he lived when a stableboy to win the hand of his dream girl and take revenge on her father for having Drew falsely imprisoned. Buying an estate the locals later tell him is haunted by a ghost, he meets Freya, a nine-hundred-year-old vampire, on his first night in his new home.

Freya finds herself drawn to this human male, especially after reading the note he writes to his lost love. Freya, despite the length of her life, has never known true love.

And did Drew, so young when he last saw his dream girl, really know love then? Can he find a more grown up, lasting love with Freya? Or will Freya's problems with her father and Drew's need for vengeance over his past get in the way of their relationship?

I enjoyed reading about Freya's desire to lead her own life, away from her father's influence, and Drew's realization that life is all about what happens when you're busy making other plans. They have nice chemistry, and they stand together just as well as they do separately in terms of being interesting.

I orginally bought Dead After Dark for the J.R. Ward selection, but Seize the Night is my favorite of the four stories in the collection.

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My overall personal rating of Seize the Night is a B+.


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