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Way off the topic of books and reading, but is anyone very versed in Disney World? We promised Maya a trip to Florida for her sixth birthday, which is this June. There are four of us making the trip, including my goddaughter, who will be nineteen then. I'm looking into tickets, hotel reservations, etc. We want to stay at a Disney location. Anyone have tips on which one? My husband likes the Polynesian Resort, but that looks rather "couplesy" to me, and, again, our daughter will be six. Also, I know we need to eat at Cinderella's Castle (wish we could stay there), but even the idea of picking which meal option is overwhelming me. Too many options--all expensive--and I don't know enough to make informed decisions. Help??

Also, anyone familiar with Qatar? Anyone live there or lived there in the past? If so, and you're willing to e-chat about your experiences, please send a message to me at Choco223@aol.com

Back to reading, so I have something to blog about related to books!!!


Caitie F said…
Disney is kind of my thing, so I am glad you asked! The first tip I am going to give you is to find a travel agent to help you. They know all the latest deals and have probably worked with someone in your situation before (or have been there themselves). One great one is Mouse Fan Travel. It doesn't cost anything and they work with you really well!

For the resort, what does your six year old like? They are so themed that finding a theme that she would like would probably work out well. Also, are you renting a car? If not, then a resort that is easy to get to is the way to go!

If you want to get a reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table, make your decision soon. You can make reservation for restaurants 180 days out and that fills up FAST. Look up some reviews online (allears.net is a good site) and call (or have your travel agent call) on the 180 day mark.

Also, look at getting a touring book. The unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World would probably be best for your group since there is a variety of ages. Good luck!
Thanks for the wonderful information, Caitie!

I already contacted Mouse Fan Travel, and they are great. If I can just start breathing again after seeing the price quote!!!
Violet said…
My husband worked in Doha, Qatar for a couple of months, so I probably wouldn't be of much help. But if you have no other source you could email me. I'll ask my husband and see if he can be of any help :)

violetc dot books at gmail dot com

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