A Fine Specimen by Lisa Marie Rice

I have an answer for why Lisa Marie Rice's A Fine Specimen (2009) didn't "click" with me, despite the fact that she's one of my favorite authors. According to Amazon, this is actually a re-release of a book released as Taming Nick by Elizabeth Jennings (2000). And this book isn't written the way Jennings aka Rice writes as Rice; this isn't the erotic romantic fiction I expected. So I think I can be forgiven for my disappointment.

Caitlin Summers approaches police Lieutenant Alex Cruz about observing and interviewing his unit over the course of a week for her dissertation. The last thing Alex wants is a pretty distraction in the way when he's on the case of a lifetime. Caitlin has a trump card, though, because the man who saved Alex from a life on the streets sent her to him.

Can they fight their attraction in order to have a professional, although only for a limited time, working relationship? What happens when Alex's case intersects with his relationship with Caitlin?

The book had too much on Caitlin's theories/education and not enough hot interaction between Alex and Caitlin for me. And does Caitlin have to be such a klutz just because she's intelligent?? Just not what I wanted and expected to read when I ordered a Rice title. I don't think I'll even keep this one on my Kindle.

Time to go re-read Rice's Midnight Man.

My overall personal rating of A Fine Specimen is a C.


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