Die for You by Lisa Unger

A friend recommended Lisa Unger's Black Out to me, and I'm now thinking I should try the title that was actually suggested in the first place because Unger's Die for You (2009) left me cold.

The basic plot drew me to the book. Isabel Connelly is a bestselling novelist living a life in Manhattan with all of the visible trappings of success, including a good-looking, ambitious husband, Marcus Raine. Only, their marriage isn't perfect, and she soon learns even what she thought she had with Marcus is all a lie when he disappears.

Dead bodies, missing money, learning that Marcus Raine is an assumed identity--plenty of reasons for Isabel to track down "Marcus."

Although I found more than a few quotable lines in the book, the shifting points of view distracted and annoyed me. I just couldn't really engage with the characters in the way it's written. There's just too much about Isabel's sister and brother-in-law and a police detective that didn't add to the main story. If Unger would have just stayed with Isabel's viewpoint, or maybe Isabel and "Marcus," I'd have liked the book better.

And I'm not too enthusiastic on what I see as two of the "take away lessons" of this work of fiction--all people lie and you can't ever really know anyone else. Ugh.

Learn more at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of Die for You is a C+.


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