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I received my e-mail rejection from the agent for my book today. Although preparing myself all along for rejection, I'm still slightly disappointed. Hope burns eternal!

He sent a very kind rejection message, though, which is what I expected. One of the reasons I chose him was because he does seem really kind, yet straight-forward, on his blog.

Anyway, now I think I need to revise before submitting to Agent Plan B since he mentioned something I already suspected--the book is too short.


Are you following the war between the publishers and Amazon? Did you know that Amazon actually takes a loss on the current books it sells for $9.99 for Kindle?

The publishers are scrambling (a few years late and more than a few dollars short) to adjust to the reality of e-books. They don't like the idea of Amazon having a monopoly and driving price-points, yet they don't really know what to do about the situation.

The latest plan? Have a delay, or embargo period, of a few months between the release of expected bestsellers in hardcover and their release in e-books. Sound fair? Not to this reader!

One of my goals for 2010 is to do as much of my personal book buying in electronic format as possible. Will this change my plan? Not likely; I'll just wait for the delayed release date or skip buying altogether and borrow the book from my local library.

Are there any books you're anxiously waiting to read in 2010? I'm excited that Simone Elkeles has a sequel to Perfect Chemistry called Rules of Attraction. The story of Alex's younger brother is due on April 27. Doesn't that sound far away? The time between now and then will fly past, though.

Off to enjoy the third night of The Vampire Diaries marathon. . . .


Anonymous said…
Oh, drat! I'm sorry. But how amazing that the first agent you submitted to wanted a full manuscript. That shows your novel has a lot going for it. Still, rejection is tough, even if you were steeling yourself for it.

As for e-books, I've yet to buy one. I've been mostly stocking my iTouch with freebies. There's so many out there.
Violet said…
Oh I'm so sorry, you'll find the correct agent eventually.

I don't read e-books, so I guess I don't have to worry about it, but I can understand how it may affect people who do read them.
Caitie F said…
I say good for the publishers. Amazon is known for being a bully - they need to fight back more often. Like you said - you will wait, so they are still getting the sale.

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