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Tick-tock. My decision not to include any more This and That postings on my blog didn't last very long, did it? Well, I missed writing them, so. . . . Since life itself, let alone a blog, is a work in progress, I'm changing my mind!! LOL

Have you seen that Amazon is running a vote on the best book covers of 2009? There are ten categories, including Arts & Comics, Nonfiction, and Classics Reimagined, and you quickly move through the short sections as you vote.

The two best parts: You might find a new book or two to consider reading (I did), and everyone who votes is entered for a chance to win the books chosen. How fun is that?

You can vote on Amazon here. And also browse their "Best of 2009" lists (customers' favorites and editorial picks) while you're there!

My local newspaper, The Lincoln Journal-Star, ran a nice front-page article and a related article with readers' reactions on the pending closing of our local bookstore, Lee Booksellers. The owners do say the economy played a role, so, with their lease expiring soon, the timing seemed right to leave the business. I feel so bad for them.

The paper also gave a nice plug to Lincoln's only remaining independently-owned, new books bookstore, Indigo Bridge Books. You can find Indigo Bridge's online presence here.

On a personal note, I finally generated enough courage to submit an e-mail query letter to an agent last week for the YA book I wrote. Sending that e-mail was a huge step for me becasue I tend to be too sensitive, and not obsessing over criticism and/or rejection is difficult for me. Fear of rejection and failure--a huge obstacle for me.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to report that, instead of sending the outright rejection e-mail I steeled myself to expect, the agent sent an e-mail requesting the first thirty pages of the manuscript. Whoot! While only a first step, submitting to another agent will be that much easier if he rejects me (no, rejects the manuscript) because I did get past this first hurdle with him. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

What's new in your world of reading?


StephanieD said…
Wow! An agent requested the first 30 pages! Fingers crossed for you~

Re the Amazon contest. I'm glad to see one of the books on my TBR list made it - Wicked Plants.
Thanks for the well wishes!! I need all the good luck I can get.

I had fun voting. Some of the covers were ones I hadn't seen and really interesting.

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