Harlequin Horizons--I Mean, Dellarte Press

[Full disclosure about being a Harlequin Ambassador, the free program that provides free books, special invitations for surveys, etc. to members. That membership in no way influences the thoughts expressed in this blog posting.]

Harlequin announced a partnership with Author Solutions last month to create a new "service" for aspiring romance authors. There are five packages, ranging in price from $599 to $1599 for "self-publishing" under the auspices of this new partnership.

A tidy chunk of change to see your work in print.

And, even more interesting, I think Harlequin was a tad surprised by the backlash from various writers' organizations, starting with the Romance Writers of America. Harlequin has gone so far as to rename the publishing branch, originally called Harlequin Horizons, Dellarte Press. Just a tad bit of distancing there, eh?

You can read the November 17th press release here. You can also explore the Dellarte Press site here.

What do you think? Just a scam to make money off of aspring authors? Or a true service that they may use to sign new authors? I know which direction my thoughts are leaning, and I'll tell you that they aren't kind thoughts about Harlequin's decision to offer this "service."


Anonymous said…
I'm with those who are condemning Harlequin. Nothing wrong with trying to make money, but this is taking advantage of desperate authors. The flack is still ongoing from this misstep.

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