Deep Kiss of Winter, Kresley Cole Part

Deep Kiss of Winter (2009) contains the eighth story from Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series plus a book from Gena Showalter. I'll review the Showalter story in my next blog posting.

For now, let me share that I assumed (and we all know what assuming leads to) when I originally heard about a joint book coming from two of my absolute favorite paranormal romance authors that they planned to write a book together. Or at least put connected stories under one cover. Nope, the stories have absolutely nothing to do with each other, something that disappointed me. And, frankly, I don't think the stories justify the hardcover and the associated extra expense for purchasers.

Putting that disappointment aside, as always, I enjoyed Cole's story and characters.

Murdoch Wroth, one of the four legendary Wroth brothers (see Sebastian in No Rest for the Wicked, Conrad in Dark Needs at Night's Edge, and Nikolai in the novella you can download free here), is a vampire interested in learning more about the Lore. After spying the lovely Danii, part ice fey and part Valkyrie, he chases her, only to save her from Iceran warriors sent to kill her.

As legitimate heir to the ice fey kingdom, Daniela the Ice Maiden must hide from the current king. Part of the strong group of Lore women seen in the other IAD books (Nix, Myst, etc.), she can't be touched by anyone because of her ice fey blood. The heat from touch burns and can eventually kill her.

Murdoch fights his attraction to Danii a little more than I might have liked, leaving him nowhere near my favorite of Cole's Alpha heroes. Danii, on the other hand, is someone I really like, especially thinking about her 2,000+ years of loneliness.

So what's going to happen when Murdoch is blooded after seeing Danii? (Blooded meaning that he'll be in a constant state of pained arousal until given release by his Bride.) And how can they be a fated pair when they can't touch? And what will happen when Danii's kingdom, a place of ice and cold where Murdoch couldn't possibly survive, needs their queen?

Overall, even this, one of the less engaging of the IAD series, still makes for good paranormal romance reading.

Learn more at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of Kresley Cole's portion of Deep Kiss of Winter is a B.


Anonymous said…
I like the cover, though, deceptive as it is.

Your blog looks great! Light and cheery ~

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