Dark Desires after Dusk by Kresley Cole

With the weather outside so frightful and an extended holiday weekend, what better time for re-reading some of my favorite books? And, for some reason, I can't find a blog post about Dark Desires After Dusk (2008), book five in Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series.

Cadeon Woede is a demon with a mission--regaining the throne for his brother, Rydstrom, that he blames himself for losing 900 years ago. Slight problem--the payment to gain the sword he needs to defeat the enemy is Holly Ashwin, his fated bride and raised as a human, yet about to change into so much more. Add that to the fact that Cade has watched and wanted Holly in secret for a year, knowing she's his woman.

And Cade and the sword-maker aren't the only two interested in having Holly because she's the one fated to give birth to a child who is either the ultimate evil or the ultimate good. Everything rests in the nature of the father of the child.

As Cade supports her through her change and shows her how to fight, can he still trade her for the sword? And how can he not in order to assist his brother? And is Cade, as a demon, the ultimate good or the ultimate evil?

Ultimately, her own fate rests with Holly, which is my favorite aspect of the book. Something that you might not exactly expect from someone destined to be an important "baby maker," but, trust me, she's one woman/Valkyrie able to take care of herself and her man/demon.

Although you can read a book from the Immortals After Dark series without feeling lost, reading the entire series in sequence gives a better idea of the connections and overall storylines, like trying to regain Rydstrom's crown, and the nature of the different inhabitants of the Lore. And even Cole's worst books are still really good if you like paranormal romance and heroines just as strong as the heroes, so why not read them all?

You can learn more about the series at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of Dark Desires After Dusk is an A-.


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