Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy by HelenKay Dimon

Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy by HelenKay Dimon (originally 2007, reprinted 2009) is another one of those impulse buys I made when browsing a bookstore without anything really capturing my attention. Then I let the book sit for a while before reading; I'm trying to get through my massive TBR pile at home right now.

This was an entertaining, light read. Nothing particularly different, just a nice romance with a splash of danger.

Kauai Police Chief Kane Travers, currently on suspension from his job, finds naked, nearly-drowned Annie Parks on the beach. She has been thrown from a yacht while on a mission of revenge, and Kane is on suspension as the target of someone else's mission for revenge. Kind of an important learning point for Annie later in the book.

Annie isn't looking for love while seeking her revenge, and Kane isn't looking for love because he's a widower who has shut himself off from everyone except his friend and his orphaned nephew.

Here's a part of a grief description section from p.278-9 of the book I appreciated:

"Do you know what happens on the first day after you bury the woman you love? You die. Shrivel and die. You wonder if anyone would notice if you crawled into that hole in the ground and joined her."

His tears fell now. When she turned around, she saw something else in those eyes. Desperation. Despair. Maybe a flicker of hope.

"Kane, you don't have to--"

"But you realize, even though most of you is dead, that you can't jump in that hole because it will upset other people. They're grieving over one loss and can't take another. So, you exist for them. Not for you. You aren't alive anymore, so for them."

He stopped and rubbed his forehead. She figured he was done talking until the words started again, this time surer and louder. "You get up and breathe and eat because the other people you care about beg you. You do it even though you curse every sunrise. You wonder how kids can dare laugh in the park or anyone can go to the beach, how life can go on as normal, when all you feel is darkness. But you go through the motions for them."

My overall personal rating of Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy is a B-.


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