Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

Uninvited by Amanda Marrone (2007) isn't your typical teen vampire romance. I wouldn't even say there's much romance at all in this book.

Instead, heroine Jordan is a teenager with a lot of issues, including alcohol and drug problems, very low self-esteem, and being seemingly unable to say no to random sex. Those issues might be a little too neatly tied to having an uninvolved father living in another state and a mother more interested in her new husband than parenting.

And she's being haunted by her ex-boyfriend, Michael, who turned into a vampire after she dumped him. He comes to her house every night, asking to be invited into her room, promising eternal love. She abandons her attendance at parties to sit at home, drinking alone every night, waiting for him to arrive.

And, yes, Jordan's intelligent enough to find something a bit "off" about Michael's interest in her. And, frankly, why Michael decides to pursue Jordan so aggressively isn't ever made clear.

Jordan's struggle to keep herself and those around her safe from Michael leads her to an epiphany of sorts about her self-destructive behavior while reconnecting her with a friend and a boy she cares about.

Again, the ending is a little neat for my taste. If you like a story about a young woman coming into her own and making positive changes in her life, though, this might be the story for you.

You can learn more at the author site here.

My overall personal rating of Uninvited is a C+.


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