Unbreakable by Sydney Somers

[Insert full disclosure that I downloaded Unbreakable by Sydney Somers (2007) to my Kindle from Amazon at no charge. My personal review is in no way influenced by the fact that I read this book without paying anything.]

The book starts with information about two brothers feuding, which leads to a blood curse on the descendants of one brother, now forever imprisoned as unfeeling Shadow Demons. Think mythic, epic-type, Cain and Abel jealousy with plenty of magic thrown into the situation.

Fast-forward to the modern-day world, where heroine police officer Jordan is in a relationship with her partner, Gage. Unaware of the Shadow Demons who visit this world, they run into a fight with one off-duty. A fight that leaves Gage dead.

Fast-forward another five years to the majority of the book. Jordan is now fighting Shadow Demons during her off-duty hours, hoping to avenge the death of Gage. Or is he actually dead, after all?

Here's the excerpt, at Locations 708-15 to 708-23 in Kindle, from when Jordan and Gage come face-to-face again:

Jordan raised the pipe. "You take one more step and your ass gets vanquished." It would anyway, just as soon as she found it in her to take a swing at him.

His hair wasn't quite right, a little longer, mussed. A cynical edge gave his eyes a sharpness that Gage had never possessed.

There was nothing trustworthy or reliable-looking about the man in front of her. He looked too hard, too raw. But then that's where the demon had gone wrong. He wasn't the man whose blood had drenched her clothes when he died in her arms.

On the heels of that realization came the knowledge that she could kill it.

He frowned. "How do you know about demons and realms? What happened to you?

The slightest trace of caring in his voice made her hesitate. "Shut up."

Realization dawned on his face. "You don't think it's me."

There are a lot of action (fighting) description scenes, which isn't necessarily something I enjoy in books. If you're into paranormal romance with lots of action, this is probably a book you would enjoy, though.

My overall personal review of Unbreakable is a C+.


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