Some Other Favorites of 2009

What are some of your favorites from 2009?

T.V. shows: Life (yes, I'm the kiss of death), Vampire Diaries, Real Housewives, The Philanthropist, Modern Family

Movies: Public Enemies, The Hangover

Music: Obsessed (Mariah Carey), Throw it in the Bag (Fabolous), Break Up (Mario)

Purchases: Kindle, iPhone, faux Victorian replica wedding ring, art supplies for Maya (well, anything for Maya, really!)

Favorite moments/memories:

Being with both sisters, four nieces and nephews, and Maya all together on the day of my mom's surgery in March (we're never all in one place)

Maya's first morning of kindergarten/"real school" (yes, even with the tears!)

Every single personal letter or card found in the mailbox

The pumpkin patch with Maya and Herb

Sending Keli 40 cards for her birthday

Opening Day for Herb's barbershop

Maya's day of surgery in July--success!!

Shon's graduation party--How can my goddaughter be 18 already?


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