Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel

Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel (2007) is the story of Echo, a teenager living through the normal teenage changes--adjusting to high school, moving somewhat away from her two long-term best friends, having a first boyfriend--while also dealing with the fact that her older sister is dead.

Then Marc, Zoe's boyfriend and once the primary suspect in her murder, gives Echo the best kind of present, the diary that Zoe left, meant to be temporarily, with him the day she died.

As Echo reads Zoe's diary in short snippets (oh, the restraint I wouldn't ever have!), she learns not only about Zoe--and about herself, but also information that she can use to become a stronger person, one able to help stop other girls from going through at least one of Zoe's worst experiences.

I liked the fact that Echo and Zoe, as shown through her diary entries, aren't nearly as different as Echo imagines, either.

My one concern was the relationship that develops between Echo and Marc, yet Noel manages to handle that in a way that actually enhances the story and makes sense in the long-term.

I think the saving of Zoe from the title refers to Echo having the chance to get to know Zoe and what her life was really like, thanks to Marc sharing Zoe's diary. And what better memorial than to have your younger sister keep the true picture of you, flaws and all, in her heart always?

My overall personal rating of Saving Zoe is a B+.


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