Sad Bookstore News

Another independent bookstore is closing, and this one is particularly sad for me since Lee Booksellers is in my city, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lee Booksellers has been a part of the Lincoln community since before I moved here. Once a mini-chain with three (if my memory serves correctly) locations in Lincoln, they went to one smallish, by chain standards, store in recent years. I hoped the consolidation might allow them to continue indefinitely.

After thirty years in business, I hope the owners, a married couple, enjoy their retirement. I just can't help thinking the economy and the competition from the big chains and the online retailers played a role in their decision to leave the business, though.

If you're in the Lincoln area, their Quitting Business Sale begins this Thursday, December 3, at 9 a.m. I'll be there, sad, yet looking for some bargains.


Anonymous said…
This is indeed sad. If a big chain like Borders is in trouble, then independents must be doubly vulnerable.
Very true. And Barnes & Noble seems to be developing more cracks, too, with the economy.

I guess I'm that much more motivated to spend what money I can at the last indie left in my town!

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