New Moon Movie

My eighteen-year-old goddaughter and I had the chance to see New Moon on Saturday. Or maybe I mean that we were brave enough to go with the sighing, gasping horde of young females present at our movie theater.

New Moon is so, so, so much better than Twilight, in terms of the movies. The acting isn't as cheesy, and the pace isn't as slow. The change in director must have helped, plus more money seems to have been poured into this movie.

I'm still not very excited about the casting for the lead roles, but no one asked me. Still, does anyone else think the actress playing Alyce would have made a fantastic Bella??

I'm sure the entire city around us heard the young females' gasp at the "surprise" ending.

And since when did a guy taking off his shirt lead to clapping and sighing in theaters? I hope they don't have the same kind of reaction when a real boy does the same.

Oh, was I ever really that young? Really?

Have you read the books? Seen the two movies? What do you think?


Anonymous said…
I rented the first one and I laughed ... at all the wrong places. If this new one is better than the first, then I might, might go see it. The scenes with the Volturi look exciting.

Forget about Edward, what about Jacob?! I'd go see the movie just for his scenes.
Trust me; I understand why you were laughing at parts that weren't supposed to be funny. I really think the change in director helped because I didn't find this one cheesy.

I did find the reactions of the girls in the audience to some of the scenes funny, but that's not the movie's fault. LOL

If you like Jacob, this is a good movie for you. He's in a significant part of the movie--and he certainly bulked up!

The scenes with the Volturi are a teeny-tiny part of the movie, though I enjoyed seeing actor Michael Sheen (Lucian in The Underworld movies) again, even if briefly.

If the first movie was, say, a 2 on a 1 to 10 (1 being lowest) scale, this second movie is a 5, IMO.

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