Luke by Cheyenne McCray

Luke: Armed and Dangerous by Cheyenne McCray (2009) is actually an updated, extended version of a story issued in 2003 as Wildcard. I hadn't read the earlier work, so didn't care, though I would have been annoyed if I had read that book and then bought this book without realizing the "remake" status until reading the author's note.

Trinity MacKenna, leading a glamorous new life, complete with an exciting career and an English almost-fiance, returns home to Arizona for the first time in four years. Glad to leave her life there behind, returning home isn't easy for her. Then she meets ranch foreman Luke at her friend's charity fundraiser, and she suddenly sees the appeal of a cowboy, especially one as intent on staking his claim on Trinity as Luke.

Can Trinity stay in Arizona for the sake of her sister, Skylar, and her new feelings for Luke?

Luke isn't exactly who he seems to be, though, because he's only a foreman at Skylar's ranch as part of his DEA cover to stop a potential drug turf war and bring down the Guerrero drug empire, along with the assistance of Skylar and her husband Zach, local law enforcement, and other undercover operatives at various nearby ranching operations.

So, yes, Trinity has a little surprise in store about Luke's real identity, and there's also the suspense of the undercover operation mixed in with the romance.

There's definitely a lot of steamy sex in this one, and, honestly, those scenes are where McCray shines. Excellent, intense, immediate chemistry between Luke and Trinity. I actually almost quit reading the book thirty-three pages in because I kept thinking, "I don't care about all this trivial side stuff; when are the main characters going to meet?" I'm glad I kept reading.

Learn more at the author's site here.

My overall personal rating of Luke is a B-.


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