Dream of Me by Jan Hudson

Dream of Me by Jan Hudson (1995), who more recently writes under the name Janis Reams Hudson, is one of my favorite romance novels. One of those books I keep instead of giving to other readers or otherwise donating to one worthy cause or another. When the right mood strikes, I pull this paranormal romance from my "keeper" shelves for a little light entertainment.

Meri Vaughn is an American traveling in Egypt for the first time in order to take photographs for a hotel brochure to be created by her fledgling business. Enter striking Ramson Gabrey, who talks about getting married during his very first conversation with Meri.

The paranormal comes into play because Meri and Ram have been lovers throughout several different lifetimes, and they have dreamed of each other for years in their present lives. All of this leads Ram to instantly (and aggressively) pursue Meri, who isn't quite so sure about giving up her freedom for a permanent relationship.

Ram unwittingly gives Meri a gift that brings her to the attention of dangerous people, and the lengths to which he'll go to protect her bring even more conflict to their budding relationship.

I admit there's some cheesy dialogue, and some readers might find Ram to be as much a stalker as a lover.

My overall personal rating of Dream of Me is an A-.


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