Blog Changes

I've been thinking a lot about using others' space and potentially violating copyright lately, so. . . . I won't be posting book covers that I've copied from Barnes &,, etc. any longer on my blog.

If I do post a book's cover, I'll use a photo I've taken of my copy of said book. Otherwise, to keep some color and the visual element to the blog, look to see more of my photos of whatever I find of interest in the blog--related to the book being reviewed or not. Oh, lucky blog readers--run while you can!

I'm also abandoning the This and That "newsy" kind of entries to stick with more book reviewing. Less on what's happening in the world of everything related to reading, and more on what I've actually been reading.

And what do you think about having an excerpt from the book in each review? I like the concept of giving readers an idea of how an author potentially unknown to them actually writes. A plot can be fantastic, and, with lousy writing, the book doesn't work. Or, the plot can be rather generic, yet, with fantastic writing, the book can be wonderful.

I also read a poll on another book blogger's site (can't remember where now!) that indicated the vast majority of his/her readers liked the inclusion of the excerpt. Now, I've heard from a friend that she would rather I skip the excerpt and spend more time on saying what I think of the book.

Comments? Questions? Opinions about other potential changes?


Cindy said…
I am like that too. I tend to get my covers from the publishers websites.

hope all is well with you guys :)
StephanieD said…
I love reading excerpts in reviews so I can see the writing style for myself. That's very telling.
Keli said…
I like your opinion...That is why I am reading your blog. If I want excerts then I will look on Barnes and Noble or Amazon...You have read the book, so I want your opinion!!
Violet said…
I never thought about violating rights from book covers, but I guess I'll stick to author and publisher sites for covers from now on :)

I am not too keen on excerpts, it makes the review look unnecessarily long, I won't mind a link to the excerpt though, that way if I'm interested I can just click over :)
Hagelrat said…
If the style is massively significant to the novel then excerpts are a good idea, if not i'm in the skip it camp.
Thanks again to everyone who left a comment. I had been trying to include an excerpt in almost every blog entry, so it's kind of a relief to learn that most people don't really want that.

I'll continue to post excerpts where I think it's beneficial, and I'm also including links to the author's site when I can locate one. Those generally have a lot of information.

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