Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren (2009) is the eighth offering in The Others series. This is definitely a stand-alone book, though, with just a few references to some of the characters from previous books since the women are friends and the men are all on the same council. You won't miss anything if this is the first book you read from the series, though.

This is my favorite book in the series so far. Warren's writing seems more relaxed, and the sex scenes are hotter. And there's a lot of sex in this one. I can tell that she's coming into her own as an author.

Six weeks after walking down the aisle together as maid of honor and best man at their best friends' wedding, Alpha werewolf Graham Winters doesn't even recognize sweet human Missy Roper when she enters his club for a fantasy set-up date. He may not recognize her, but Missy's crush finally notices her. She uses his sudden interest to get him to take her away from the club--effectively escaping her friends and the fantasy date, and he realizes that she's his mate before the evening is through.

Graham convinces Missy to stay with him for the weekend, and then Curtis, Graham's cousin and wannabe Alpha for the pack, starts a crusade that leads to some interesting twists.

One part that I particularly enjoyed about the book is that, although Missy has a crush on Graham, she doesn't believe he can suddenly return her interest. And she gives him a lot of grief on the subject, leading him to note to himself that, while humans claim to want love-at-first-sight, they don't really believe it even exists. So true!

I have to tell you, between sexy, now-reformed playboy Graham, Jacob in the Twilight series, and Lucian in Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans, I'm about ready to drop my "always the vampire" stance in favor of a few werewolves. I get the appeal now!

My overall personal rating of Big Bad Wolf is a B+.


Anonymous said…
Re werewolves over vampires: I like my men to be alive. Vampires are sexy...but they're dead...and so pale.

I just got your box of goodies yesterday, Maria. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was jumping up and down when I opened my front door and there it was. Getting new books is my favorite treat. Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!!! (I blogged about you, too)

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