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Amazon decided to release a free application in November to allow for downloading and reading books on a PC (Mac or Windows, though the Windows version will be released before the Mac version) instead of having to use their Kindle. Learn more at newser here.

Here's a clip from Crain's New York Business about why e-books are actually bad for bookstores:

"As the math currently works, each sale through a Nook is not just unprofitable but potentially replaces a higher-margin sale at stores," Mr. Balter wrote in a client note Friday. One obvious risk is that downloading books reduces the need to go into stores, he said.

Goldman Sachs analyst Matthew Fassler wrote to clients Friday that the move to digital formats "clearly challenges Barnes & Noble's store-based model."

See the full text of Analysts Warn Booksellers of E-book Peril here.

Personally, I agree in the sense that I do spend more money by going to a physical Barnes & Noble store and browsing than going directly to the one or two items I want to download on Amazon to my Kindle. And I haven't been to a physical bookstore of any kind very frequently since purchasing my Kindle, and, when I have gone to a store, I haven't bought as many books as before purchasing my Kindle. How about you?

Then there's also the news about the current "price war" beteen Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon over the price of physical books. Is that good for the consumer, or another nail in the coffin of the traditional publishing world?

Look at Savvy Shopper: Retailers Battle over Book Prices at Daily Press here.

This is definitely a time of major changes in the book world!


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