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Only a couple more days to comment on my Dinner with Anna Karenina post in order to possibly win my copy. Only one person has commented so far, leaving pretty good chances if you decide to comment!

I thought this was an intriguing article in The New York Times. When Parents are Too Toxic to Tolerate includes this:

The topic gets little, if any, attention in standard textbooks or in the psychiatric literature, perhaps reflecting the common and mistaken notion that adults, unlike children and the elderly, are not vulnerable to such emotional abuse.

All too often, I think, therapists have a bias to salvage relationships, even those that might be harmful to a patient. Instead, it is crucial to be open-minded and to consider whether maintaining the relationship is really healthy and desirable.

Interesting point about therapists being geared to saving relationships, I thought.

Or maybe the article just appeals to me because I'm miffed with my own mom right now--or because we went through hell last summer because of the way the system works when we served as foster parents! The system doesn't care about what's best for the children, just reuniting them with biological parents. It's disgusting and very troubling.

Barnes & Noble's talking about their new e-reader, Nook, with a pre-order price of $259. Anyone buying one? I'm interested to hear feedback if you get one.

I find this aspect of Nook of particular appeal:

Share favorite eBooks with your friends, family, or book club. Most eBooks can be lent for up to 14 days at a time. Just choose the book you want to share, then send it to your friend's reader, cell phone, or computer.

Learn more here.

Has anyone read the new J.R. Ward book yet? I've sworn off her Brotherhood series, but I'm feeling a little tempted by this one. Looking for any and all comments, positive or negative.

My reading contest at the hospital where I work is going really well. I have thirty participants, and they're keeping track of their reading totals for October. I send weekly messages with updates about peoples' current totals, plus I give away random prizes, including a book bag, bookmarks, a University of Nebraska memo cube, and a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

During the first week of November, I'll award prizes to the top three readers, plus number eleven and number twenty-one, giving three races in one. First place is a $50gift card to the bookstore of the winner's choice, second place is the same prize for$40, third place is the same prize for $30, and eleventh and twenty-first places each receive a $20 gift card to the hospital coffee cart.

I definitely think I'm having more fun seeing what (and how much) people are reading than the participants! I'm glad I decided to replace my usual open house with the contest.


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