Sealed and Delivered by Jill Monroe

[Full disclaimer: I'm a participant in the Harlequin Ambassadors program, where I receive free books to share with others, respond to surveys, and receive e-mails with samples of books or full books. This is a program open to every resident of the United States. I also often read the free online books available to all at Harlequin's site. My review of the following book isn't influenced by my participation in the Harlequin Ambassadors program or the free items available on Harlequin's site.]

Oh, the irony of needing to give this disclosure so soon after saying that I would as needed! One of the reasons I noted "if" I ever give a review of a Harlequin is that most of them are exactly the same. If you like, say, one Harlequin Presents, you'll like 80% of them. There isn't usually enough different about an individual title worth generating a review, in my opinion.

Then I read Sealed and Delivered by Jill Monroe (2009), which is a saucy, spirited Harlequin Blaze that reads like a short contemporary women's fiction title.

From Harlequin's site:

Subject: Nathaniel Peterson, SEAL instructor

Current status: Unexpectedly engaged in a sizzling kiss

Mission: Train the SEALs without interruption

Obstacle: Hailey Sutherland—the best kind of distraction!

Kiss the first man you see. The Fate Delivery Cards were a silly impulse purchase. But thanks to one of the cards, bed-and-breakfast owner Hailey Sutherland finds herself locked in a scorching kiss with superhot, wet-suit-clad Navy SEAL Nate Peterson. It seems that fate is opposed to Hailey's self-imposed celibacy….

Especially since Nate has picked up his own Fate Delivery Card—and he intends to follow it through…until Hailey is in his bed!

Neither Hailey nor Nate is particularly interested in a serious relationship. Nate is working to get back to mission shape and leave his training position behind, and Hailey, along with her sister, is seeking to get the family business, almost bankrupted by a management firm, running successfully again.

Oh, and Hailey already has three broken engagements in her past!

There's plenty of sizzle and chemistry between Hailey and Nate, too, to fit with the Blaze line.

My overall personal rating of Sealed and Delivered is a B+.


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