Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElhaton

I'm probaby dating myself here (I'm currently 39), but did you ever read one of those books as a teen where you chose the path of the story? At the end of each short section, you as the reader had a decision to make, and then you turned to the next section of the book based on which decision you made.

That's the exact premise of the novel Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton. You, as the reader making the selections, have just graduated from high school at the beginning of the story. Do you head off to college with your boyfriend or do you decide to ditch college and the boyfriend to travel?

Of course, you can read the book several different times, choosing different paths along the way.

I enjoy McElhatton's take on the world and writing style, so I loved this book. And I had to laugh that the "ending" on the story path I chose first is exactly the kind of life I can imagine for myself if I didn't have the one I have now in my real life. Kind of weird!

If you like exploring options and sarcastic humor, plus little surprises (just like in real life), you should enjoy this book.

My overall personal rating of Pretty Little Mistakes is a B+.


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