More Thoughts on Books

I'm always thinking later of something I wish I had mentioned in a blog posting, or I have something else come along that would have been nice to include. So, I'm starting a new "whenever" posting with that sort of information, always titled More Thoughts on Books.

After reading The Blue Notebook (see my review here), I kept thinking about the real girl author James Levine saw and wishing he could have found a way to help her. Yes, the fictional characters in the book are based on a composite of what he saw, plus his imagination/creative license, but there was one girl who actually had a notebook.

What could he have done? "Bought" her in order to adopt her? How would he have gotten her into the United States? And where would she have stayed if left in India?

I don't know the answers, but I'm trying to do something for someone by sponsoring an Indian orphan through the Annamani Children site. Take a look, and maybe you'll feel one or more of the children calling to you, as well.

In addition to The Mercenary (see my review here), Katherine Garbera has also written several Harlequins that I've read, including the Moretti series. I didn't make the connection at first.

Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single
(see my review here) by Heather McElhatton is laugh-out-loud funny in several parts due to heroine Jennifer's first-person cynical wit. If you're a fan of one-liners, particularly in the Gen X style, this book should be fun for you. I don't think I made that clear in my initial review.

More in coming days, weeks, months, and, hopefully, years!


Anonymous said…
I borrowed The Blue Notebook and it's in my TBR pile. I'd like to get to it soon.

That's a wonderful thing you're doing, sponsoring an orphan.

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