Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Although I love the cover of Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush (2009), I wouldn't have bought the book without reading Violet Crush's review because there are just too many Twilight-style books right now. And most of them leave a lot to be desired, including, frankly, the Twilight series.

Nora is a high school sophomore coping with the murder of her father a year earlier and being basically on her own while her mom commutes and works long hours to keep them in the family home. With the story told in first-person by her, I learned enough to really like and identify with Nora.

Enter Patch, the transfer senior and now Nora's partner in biology, who is dark, mysterious, and very much an Alpha male. Just as Nora couldn't decide whether he was interesting or dangerous, neither could I. And I liked the way his interest in Nora seemed to develop as he learned more about her.

Heavy on the mystery because someone is trying to hurt Nora, I could have used more romance in the book, plus more time with Patch. While I appreciated Nora's conversations with her best friend, Vee, who would make a good heroine of her own novel, the sections with Patch and Nora together interested me the most. I wanted more of them and their chemistry, which may happen in the sequel.

Oh, and, yes, there are fallen angels in this book, giving a different take on the paranormal romance trend.

An excerpt from p. 279-280:

He cracked a slight smile, but it didn't look amused. "I'm not letting you out of my sight. You're looking a little deranged, Angel. We'll go together."

Crossing my arms, I stood up to him. In tennis shoes, my eyes came level with his shoulders. I was forced to tilt my head back to meet his eyes. "I'm not going anywhere near a motel with you." Best to sound firm so I was less likely to change my mind.

"You think the two of us and a slummy motel make for a dangerous combination?"

Yes, actually.

Patch leaned back against the Jeep. "We can sit here and argue this." He squinted up at the riotous sky. "But this storm is about to catch its second wind."

As if Mother Nature wanted her say in the verdict, the sky opened and a thick concoction of rain and sleet hailed down.

I sent Patch my coldest look, then blew out an angry sigh.

As usual, he had a point.

I can't wait to read Fitzpatrick's next book, Crescendo, coming in 2010.

My overall personal rating of Hush, Hush is a B+.


Anonymous said…
This is one book I would have purchased for the cover! I can't wait for book two.
I know what you mean--gorgeous cover!
Violet said…
I'm so glad you liked it. I didn't know the next book was titled Cresendo, I quite like it :)
I'm definitely glad I decided to read the book based on your blog review, Violet, and I have high hopes for Crescendo. :)
Corinne said…
I liked this one!
Sadako said…
i love that book. <3333

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