Helping the Children of Africa Blog

I'm featuring Tiffany's blog, Helping the Children of Africa, today because she has a couple of special donation opportunities available right now.

She's running a drive to buy bunk beds for the Good Samaritan Kids in Uganda. Bunk beds cost $35 (U.S. dollars), though you can donate in any amount through the Chip In button on her blog.

She's also running a Christmas gift drive for the Annamani Children in India. For $29.50 (U.S. dollars) a child receives two pairs of socks, two pairs of underwear, two banians, pants and a shirt or a dress, and shoes. Again, you can donate in any amount through the Chip In button on the side of her blog.

Tiffany also gives nice background information about Durga and how she became started in her quest to take in children, aka the Annamani Children.

Would you consider donating to one or both drives in honor of a friend or loved one's birthday, Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever you have to look forward to celebrating? Or ask someone to consider donating in lieu of giving you a gift for some upcoming event? Or even donate just because you have a little spare money that could make such a difference in the life of a child?


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