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I just registered with Net Galley in the hopes of getting some free books to review on this blog. Check it out to see if you're also interested in registering as a reviewer.

On the current state of kindergarten, as reported by Patti Hartigan in The Boston Globe:

Meanwhile, more and more children are “failing” kindergarten, according to the Alliance for Childhood report -- and missing out on the kind of early schooling that does help develop 5-year-old minds. Winifred Hagan is a former kindergarten teacher and a vice president at the Cayl Institute in Cambridge, a nonprofit that sponsors conferences for principals and fellowships for the study of early childhood education. She worries that vulnerable kids are being sent down a path to failure inside a system that was created to meet purely political goals. “Kids are spending hours of their day sitting with pencils and tracing dotted lines,” she says. “And we call that education? We are kidding ourselves.”

Read the disheartening, at least to this mother of a child in kindergarten, full text here.

Check out the Mindset List from Beloit College for the Class of 2013 here.

Here are a couple of the bookish entries on the list:

4. They have never used a card catalog to find a book.

14. Text has always been hyper.

Did you see that the Walt Disney Company is buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion? There's quite the corporate marriage. Does this mean that Iron Man will soon be competing with Prince Charming for Cinderella? LOL


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