Tails of Love edited by Lori Foster

Tails of Love is a collection of short stories edited by Lori Foster, with a portion of the book proceeds going to Animal Adoption Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter in Ohio. In addition to a story written by Foster, the contributors are Stella Cameron, Kate Angell, Dianne Castell, Ann Christopher, Marcia James, Donna MacMeans, Sarah McCarty, Patricia Sargeant, and Sue-Ellen Welfonder.

While there wasn't a single story in the varied collection that I didn't like, my two favorites were Danny's Dog by Sarah McCarty and Atticus Saves Lisa by Ann Christopher.

In Danny's Dog, McCarty explores the aftermath for a couple, Kathy and Walt, now separated after the death of their child. She provides a very eloquent depiction of grief and self-blame for a couple ripped apart by their overwhelming loss and inability to communicate. The road to healing their relationship begins when Kathy turns to Walt to provide a home for Sebastian, an abused dog.

In Atticus Saves Lisa, Lisa has devoted herself to her work and caring for her brother, Keenan, seriously injured in an accident. Now, Keenan's best friend, Cruz, wants Lisa to quit living her own life based on guilt and move forward--with him by her side. With Keenan rebuilding his life through the help of a therapy capuchin monkey named Atticus, can Lisa finally live her own life?

Yes, I noticed that both of my favorite selections deal with grief and guilt!

My overal personal rating of Tails of Love is an A.


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