Seriously, CNN? I expected better from you than an article full of stereotypes when discussing the future of libraries and librarians.

"The stereotypical library is dying -- and it's taking its shushing ladies, dank smell and endless shelves of books with it."

Somehow, I can't see myself as a "shushing lady." Ick.

"Hipster staffers who blog, chat on Twitter and care little about the Dewey Decimal System are edging out old-school librarians."

Call me biased, but I think being described as a hipster staffer is actually almost worse than being a shushing lady. Fluffy (with the implied all about the technology) or cranky (with at least the implied smart)? How about neither one??

How about the librarian as someone trying to meet the needs of their patrons, whatever those may be, in the best manner possible within the library? Haven't librarians who do their jobs well always been about meeting needs? Social good? Helping others?

Granted, I'm not in a public library setting, so I don't deal with people needing my assistance with Twitter, gaming, etc. I do answer questions about software, provide ILL services through e-mail, troubleshoot the computers, etc. My job has always been about so much more than books, yet always about information.


Anonymous said…
I saw this article on CNN and I thought the same thing. The article indicates that the writer has an aversion to libraries. It's probably the "dank smell."

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